Melee Weapons

Cerberus Pheonix-Lash:
The pride of the Cerberus Organization, the user must focus his biotic powers to generate a biotic-electrical whip-like melee weapon called Phoenix Lash. This weapon deals 2d6+Biotics Damage on a successful melee attack. This weapon also possesses the Reach quality and a range of 2 Squares. Thanks to Cerberus’ technology, the Phoenix Lash can be drawn as a free action. Once the attack is made, the weapon immediately disappears.
Because the weapon exists only for a short duration, the character must no occupy a hand wielding it, as with normal melee weapons. Phoenix Lash can trigger Biotic-Combos

Krogan Battle Hammer:
Developed for Krogan Battlemasters, this massive hammer possesses a special impact chamber in which the character can store biotic energy or electricity. The hammer is considered a Two-Handed Melee Weapon and deals 2d8+Str damage on melee attacks. Because the weapon was developed by krogans, for krogans, they gain a +2 bonus damage with any attacks made with this weapon. Also, while Medium-sized creatures have to use two hands to wield this weapon, krogan can wield it with one single hand.
Whenever a target takes damage from this weapon, he must make a Fortitude save DC 8 + wielder’s Str bonus to damage or is pushed 1 Square from the wielder and is staggered, losing his next available action. On a successful critical, the target must make the same Fortitude save or is instead pushed back 2 Squares, is staggered and is also sent prone.
In addition, this weapon allows for two special charge actions:
Biotic Charge: with a free action you can charge the hammer for one attack, dealing a bonus damage equal to your Biotic Skill Score. If a hammer charged with biotic power hits a creature under the influence of a biotic power, it creates a Biotic-Combo.
Tech Charge: With a free action the Hammer can be Tech charged for one attack. The target of the attack takes a bonus damage equal to your Engineer Skill Score, while every creature within 2 Squares of the target takes half damage. Creatures with Shield HP, synthetics and/or mechanicals take full damage. All creatures affected must make the same Fortitude save as the target to the stagger and knockback effect.

N7 Omni-Blade:
The Omni Blade is a basic and simple, yet effective Hard Light Weapon generated from the Omni-Tool. It can Appear as any number of Bladed weapons such as swords, axes and claws. the weapon deals 1D8+Str damage and can use several of the of the Power Attacks

Phantom Monomelecular Katana:
The Sword is one of the oldest, most noble weapons in the universe. It is a sign of status and respect. This particular blade is a combination of science, technology, and religion … the way of bushido. The edge of the weapon is laser honed to a molecular level and uses a charged particle accelerator to protect the razor’s edge and breakdown “difficult” material. The sword can cut through titanium like butter. Wielded in a single hand it deals 1D8+Dex damage and Crits at 19-20 at x3 damage. Two handed, it deals 1D10+Str damage. When you critical (20) the target must make a reflex save or take x4 damage. You can also opt to use a Biotic or Tech to empower your attacks. they do 1D8+ Biotic or Engineering and can trigger Biotic-Explosions or Tech-splosions.

N7 Paladin Omni Shield:

Turian Havoc Boosters

Melee Weapons

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