Sentinel Class


Sentinels are unique, bringing both tech and biotic abilities to the battlefield. In addition to complete weapons training, Sentinels are equipped with an advanced shield that makes taking cover much less necessary and rushing their enemies much more productive. This armor system can also be detonated to blast nearby enemies.

Tech Armor, the Sentinel’s unique power, has changed significantly from Mass Effect 2 to Mass Effect 3. Likewise the Sentinel itself plays quite differently.

Tech Armor must be detonated manually. Furthermore, Tech Armor imposes a significant cooldown penalty on your other powers while active. In combination with the Weight Capacity system, all of this results in the Sentinel having two basic build options: one that focuses on weapons, supplementing their defense with Tech Armor, and one that focuses on powers, trading durability for versatility.

If you plan to tank it up with Tech Armor, focus on Fitness as well to make yourself as hard to kill as possible, ignore weight restrictions, and gun everyone down. Even compared to the Soldier this is low-maintenance as you don’t need to spam Adrenaline Rush. Due to limits on power points, this build works best with a fresh Mass Effect 3 character rather than one imported from a previous game, or one who has free run of the Normandy and can reset their powers.

The second way returns to the original Mass Effect playstyle: eschewing Tech Armor for emphasis on your other powers. You can easily stun and kill light enemies with a maxed-out Overload, or by chaining Warp and Throw. The core of this build is versatility: the Sentinel can stand back and use Overload, Warp and (now) a sniper rifle to ruin shields, armor and health in rapid succession. You can single-handedly execute a Biotic Explosion by combining Warp and Throw — each of which can also detonate Overload for a Tech Burst, and Cryo Blast for a Cryo Explosion. Additionally, a Tech Burst followed by a Biotic Explosion can be performed in only three attacks by chaining Overload, Warp, and Throw. The Sentinel is the only class capable of achieving this without bonus powers or assistance from squadmates.


Sentinel Class

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