Special Combat Rules

Equipment Weight: If Your Combined Weapon and Armor Weight Exceeds your Strength Score, you take a -1 Penalty per point to Power Cooldowns and Movement Speed.

You receive 2 Actions, That can be Used to Attack, Move, Reload and use Powers. Some Feats allow you to Move Twice, Or Attack Twice, or Reload for Free..

Cost/Loot: Unique-2000 Credits/ DC20
Rare- 1000 Credits/ DC19
Limited- 500 Credits/ DC16
Popular- 200 Credits/ DC13
Common- 100 Credits/ DC10

Paragon Points: also called Paramour Points, By Crit’ing on a Diplomacy Check or when you Level Up, you gain 1 PP. This can be spent to give yourself or an ally a 4th Action.

Renegade Points: By Crit’ing on an Intimidation Check or when you Level Up, you gain 1 RP. This can be spent to give yourself a 4th Action, or Negating an Enemy Action

Pistol Whip/Butt Stroke: Is a standard Melee Attack and uses a Move Action. It deals Damage equal to your Strength and Pushes 1 Square.

Single Shot: This Firearm chambers 1 round at a time and must be reloaded after each shot.

Simi Auto: Fires a number of rounds per Action (multiple Attack Rolls)

Burst Fire: Fires a number of rounds per action simultaneously (with a single Attack Roll)

Automatic: Fires a number of rounds consecutively, Re-roll Misses

Shotguns: Point Blank Range deals maximum critical damage if hits. For each square farther away, reduce the critical multiplier until your doing normal damage

Special Combat Rules

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