Mankind has always been lead by Explorers. The Future is no different. As humanity stretched across the stars as if they were an ocean of night, We discovered our own salvation. The Mass Relay orbiting our solar system led us to the Citadel: a Giant Space Station that was the capitol of the Council. The Council is the ruling body of the known galaxy consisting of the Intuitive and brilliant Salarians, the diplomatic and enigmatic Asari, and the stoic and stalwart Turians. They utilize secret agents known as Spectres that inforce galactic law and protect the innocent from lingering threats.

Threats may be as simple as organized crime like the constant gang warfare between the Blood Pack, the Blue Suns and Eclipse. It could also be from much graver threats like the Quarien-Geth War, the Krogan Genophage or the nightmarish Collectors. Roumors have even begun about the mystery of the Prothians and the comming of a galactic scale extinction at the hands of the Reapers … but they ARE just rumors.

As a Spectre, you are not an Iron Fist imposing your will, rather shadows in the dark. Can you live up to legend that is the Spectres? A Paragon among villains? Or are you just a Merccenary? A Renegade out for himself and abusing his power and authority? The choice … is yours.


Ocean of Night: Spectre's Shadow